How Garland Coulson Uses Mind Mapping In His BusinessA passionate stargazer and American native flute player, Garland Coulson, an internet marketing speaker and entrepreneur by profession, shares with us how he helps and teaches other people to benefit from the internet and how he uses Mind Mapping to do this.

In this interview, Garland shares how he uses Mind Mapping for brainstorming, especially with groups of people as well as how it helps him become more productive.  He talks about the immense benefits you can get from this powerful tool and tells us why he prefers using the software variant of Mind Mapping instead of the hand-drawn one.

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How This Man Returned to Mind Mapping After 3 Years AwayMind Mapping can greatly help you to get by whether you’re a student or a professional and in this interview, you will discover how Matthew Lang, a web developer, used it to help him through his studies.  After three years of not using it he “re-discovered” it and now it is a fundamental part of his toolkit for his work.

Matthew shares how a Mind Map can be used for both logically dominated thought processes and topics (such as learning Computer Science!) and for more creative work that might be classified as “right brain” effort.  This interview demonstrates that regardless of whether you’re a logical or a creative person, Mind Mapping not only stimulates both sides of the brain, but also allows you to harness them more efficiently and more effectively.

As well as sharing how he uses it in his work, Matthew also speaks about how he uses Mind Mapping  to blog posts and novels.

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How Mind Mapping Is Helping Simon Ash Improve His Memory And Write His BookSimon Ash is another Mind Mapping user who shares with us his interesting background as a former bomb disposal officer and who is now helping teams and individuals to be more effective especially in decision making, strategic planning, change, safety and security and organisational development.


He is also the founder of the website “The Right Questions” as well as the book of the same name.

In this interview, you will find out how he got to know Mind Mapping and how it helped him advance his military career and develop his current career.

You will also discover valuable insights such as how doing Mind Maps is better than taking linear notes, why a mind map shows a reflection of your character and personality, and how his cynical colleagues were naturally drawn to his mind maps.

By the end of the recording, you will even find more uses of the Mind Mapping technique and realise its versatility and usefulness in a variety of different situations.

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How Does Dan Kusnetzky Use Mind Mapping To Become Successful In His CareerThis podcast episode is all about how Dan Kusnetzky, a system software analyst and an established expert in virtualization and cloud computing, uses Mind Mapping in his profession. You will also find out more about virtualization and cloud computing (if you don’t know about them yet) in this episode.

Not only does he share with us how he uses Mind Mapping, but also how it moved his career forward. You will discover much about virtualization technology as well as how it impacts the computing generation today.

Aside from that, you will find out that behind the intricacies of virtualization is a technique Dan has been using to help him layout, organize, and present his thinking that has made him successful at various companies.

He also shares with us the beginnings of how he discovered Mind Mapping up until the present and the benefits and the added value he got in using them.

Other things covered in the interview were…

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09_Jamie_Lee_Wallace_Shownote_ImageIf you want to find ways to become better at your business and personal lives, then this podcast might be of great interest to you. A mom, writer, and “solo-preneur”, Jamie Lee Wallace shares with us how she discovered Mind Mapping, how she uses hand-drawn Mind Maps and software-driven Mind Maps for both her personal and professional lives and how it greatly benefitted her life and career.

As you listen to this interview, you will discover the many benefits of using Mind Mapping for your work and for your personal life as Jamie passionately talks about how she mind maps her personal ideas and goals, business and goal planning, presentations, in brainstorming and in taking notes. The list can go on and on.

Jamie Lee also talks about how Mind Maps works so well with her clients and customers that they completely adore them and are absolutely thrilled with the process.

At the end of the interview, Jamie gives an excellent advice on how you too, can get started on Mind Mapping.

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How Gareth Elliott Is Connected To The Houses of Parliament by Mind MappingIn this interview, Gareth Elliott, an Account Manager from an award winning team of consultants shares with us how he uses Mind Mapping to help influence Government Policy. He specialises in Politics, Government, Media and Stakeholder Engagement and uses Mind Mapping as part of his work.

In the beginning, he talks about his profession as a political consultant and how he got into it. He also speaks about how he got into Mind Mapping and what he thinks about it when he first saw it.

What you will get in this interview is very valuable as it shows you how Mind Mapping can help you understand even the most complex ideas and how it creates simplicity out of complexity.

As you listen to the entire interview, you will be fascinated at how Mind Mapping can have great benefits and how it impacts the people within the political system. You will discover how Gareth Elliott described a document that was over one hundred and eight pages worth of complex political dialogue and turned it into a simple Mind Map that people can understand more easily.

You will realize that it’s not only the Mind Map itself that will have a great benefit for you, but more importantly, it is the process itself in creating it that will help you understand, assimilate and remember information more effectively.

As the interview ends, Gareth Elliott shares with us how he uses Mind Mapping aside from educating people on policies and encourages people in the political or business field to try Mind Mapping out and discover how powerful it is.

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How To Become More Productive Using Mind MappingI don’t know about you, but I often find myself with more to do at the end of my day than I am usually comfortable with and so being able to get more focused and more productive is something I regularly strive for. Now in this interview, I am speaking with Productivity and Focus Coach Phil Olley who explains how easy it is to use Mind Mapping to get more things done faster as well as sharing his favourite practical business Mind Mapping applications.

Phil specialises in helping people get more focused and become more productive and during this interview he shares the many different ways he uses this powerful tool in his business.

Specifically, here is what else you will discover…..

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Chiamaka Okafor is a Busy Working Mom who uses Mind Mapping to help her juggle the busy demands of her professional and family livesI am not a parent myself so apart from being on the receiving end of parenthood, I don’t really have any idea what it is like to carry that responsibility and commitment. I know that it takes me enough of my time to develop and maintain a successful career so I can’t even begin to imagine what it is like to be able to do that AND run a family as well.


And so I am always incredibly impressed with people who take on the parenting responsibility and juggle their commitments to also have a successful career and be able to do both equally as well. Of course for many these days it is not a choice but a necessity but even so when someone pulls it off and does so enthusiastically and with a big beaming smile on their face I think it is worth finding out how they do it.

I think Moms are the hardest working group of people on the planet second only to Working Moms and today’s guest is one of the latter. A project manager by day and Mom to 3 young kids every second of what is left at the end of the working day, Chiamaka Okafor is an inspiration. Interestingly she (partially) attributes her ability to be able to pull this off to her use of Mind Mapping and so we manages to track her down to find out exactly how she uses it.

This is a great interview that will cover:

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The Mind Mapping Show - How Michelle Raz, An Academic Coach, uses MInd Mapping To Help ADHD Students Increase Their Grade Point AverageWelcome to this week’s episode of the Mind Mapping Show and in this episode you are going to discover how Mind Mapping can help any student with ADHD quickly harness their unique creativity, easily increase their concentration and rapidly improve their school results.

Today’s interview is with Michelle Raz who is an academic coach who used Mind Mapping to help students identify and use their own unique strength and talents with a focus on students with ADHD and people who have suffered brain trauma. It’s a really interesting interview packed full of great practical tips and I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak to Michelle and find out how she uses the technique.

As well as the focus on helping students with ADHD you’ll also discover:

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Mind Mapping For Real Estate AgentsOne of the things that continues to amaze me is just how many different people use Mind Mapping for so many different uses. In this episode of the Mind Mapping Show I interview Danny Griffin a successful Real Estate Coach and Mindset Expert who describes himself as an entrepreneurial spirit and has a passion about helping people overcome their psychological obstacles to be the best that they can be.

There are many millions of people out there who use Mind Mapping and you will find that they broadly fall into two different categories about how they took to it. On one hand you have those for whom discovering and then implementing it in their life is a slow burn process – a gradual evolution that may take months or even years. On the other hand you get people who just get it straightaway and immediately start using it. Danny is one of the latter and how he discovered the Mind Map is an interesting story in itself.

This interview is littered with great insights and is highly recommended if you want to hear how Mind Mapping can be used in an entrepreneurial business environment, particularly one dependent of effective planning and process implementation. Here is what else you will discover.

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