How Garland Coulson Uses Mind Mapping In His BusinessA passionate stargazer and American native flute player, Garland Coulson, an internet marketing speaker and entrepreneur by profession, shares with us how he helps and teaches other people to benefit from the internet and how he uses Mind Mapping to do this.

In this interview, Garland shares how he uses Mind Mapping for brainstorming, especially with groups of people as well as how it helps him become more productive.  He talks about the immense benefits you can get from this powerful tool and tells us why he prefers using the software variant of Mind Mapping instead of the hand-drawn one.

……Here is what else you will discover.

  • How To Benefit From Internet Marketing
  • Why Mind Mapping Is A Phenomenal Tool For Brainstorming
  • Why Mind Mapping Works Really Well With Small and Big Groups
  • How You Can Stay Focused But Still See The Big Picture With Mind Mapping
  • How Once You Get Used To Mind Mapping, You’ll Be Able To Grasp Its Power
  • A Powerful Free Mind Mapping Software To Help You Get Started
  • The Advantages of Using Mind Mapping Software

Episode Show Notes

01:31 – Garland talks about his passion for Stargazing

02:46 – How he shares his Stargazing passion to others

04:56 – How he got into the American native flute

05:20 – He tells about her wife’s album

05:45 – How he started as an Internet Marketer

07:42 – How he uses the internet to help people

08:30 – His love-hate relationship with Mind Mapping

09:50 – How he uses Mind Mapping with groups

11:40 – Its benefits in working with groups

13:09 – The Mind Mapping software that he uses

14:30 – Why he prefers Mind Mapping with software

17:39 – Why its good for short presentations and sessions

18:59 – How he uses Mind Mapping

23:49 – Why Mind Mapping works

26:17 – Why Mind Mapping is a fast tool

26:48 – His advice about starting to Mind Map

Garland prefers using the Mind Mapping software instead of the hand-drawn version and his software choice is XMind for its power for the price. It has a free version and a premium version as well.

We discovered Garland Coulson through an article that he wrote entitled Mind Mapping: 5 Ways I Use It In My Business and if you want to know more about the services that he offers, you can find out more about it on his website.

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