09_Jamie_Lee_Wallace_Shownote_ImageIf you want to find ways to become better at your business and personal lives, then this podcast might be of great interest to you. A mom, writer, and “solo-preneur”, Jamie Lee Wallace shares with us how she discovered Mind Mapping, how she uses hand-drawn Mind Maps and software-driven Mind Maps for both her personal and professional lives and how it greatly benefitted her life and career.

As you listen to this interview, you will discover the many benefits of using Mind Mapping for your work and for your personal life as Jamie passionately talks about how she mind maps her personal ideas and goals, business and goal planning, presentations, in brainstorming and in taking notes. The list can go on and on.

Jamie Lee also talks about how Mind Maps works so well with her clients and customers that they completely adore them and are absolutely thrilled with the process.

At the end of the interview, Jamie gives an excellent advice on how you too, can get started on Mind Mapping.

……Here is what else you will discover.

  • How Really Easy It Is And Very Natural To Capture Your Ideas Using A Mind Map
  • How You Can Start Mind Mapping Even If You Don’t Consider Yourself Artistic
  • How You Can Use Both Hand-Drawn And Software Variants Of Mind Mapping For Different Things
  • Why Mind Mapping Software Is A Great Choice And For Your Work And How You Can Use It In Everything
  • Why Mind Mapping Is Very Effective As A Presentation And Brainstorming Tool
  • How Extremely Useful Mind Mapping IS In Taking Notes
  • How The Actual Process Of Drawing A Mind Map Lets Your Creativity Freely Flow And Makes You Think More Clearly

Episode Show Notes

01:45 – Jamie speaks about her profession, hobbies, interests and her dream job

06:06 – She talks about her posse, the Savvy Sisters and about B2B Marketing

07:00 – How she got introduced to Mind Mapping and the Mind Mapping software MindManager by Mindjet

08:14 – She only used Google to know more about Mind Mapping

09:58 – She explains the difference on using the pen and paper versus software

11:14 – She shares with us how fun and easy it is draw a mind map even for people with no artistic ability

12:17 – Her different uses for hand-drawn mind maps and for software-driven mind maps

14:00 – What she uses software-driven Mind Mapping for in her business

16:31 – Jamie uses Mind Mapping with her customers and tells us how it has made the process much easier for them

17:30 – Why Mind Mapping is better for business and how it can immensely benefit a business

18:43 – Why it makes work more fun

19:24 – How she uses hand-drawn Mind Mapping

21:39 – How she’s going to introduce Mind Mapping to her daughter and points out the benefits it will have for her daughter

22:50 – Her advice to people who are not sure if they should use Mind Mapping or not

23:48 – She shares with us how she helps other people with her profession

Jamie Lee Wallace discovered Mind Mapping when one of her clients used a Mind Mapping software called MindManager by Mindjet and she has been using it ever since. You can learn more about the software and purchase your own copy at their website.

You can learn more about how Jamie uses Mind Mapping with Business through her article The Magic Branding Mind Map and you can also check out more about marketing at her website at Suddenly Marketing.

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