How Gareth Elliott Is Connected To The Houses of Parliament by Mind MappingIn this interview, Gareth Elliott, an Account Manager from an award winning team of consultants shares with us how he uses Mind Mapping to help influence Government Policy. He specialises in Politics, Government, Media and Stakeholder Engagement and uses Mind Mapping as part of his work.

In the beginning, he talks about his profession as a political consultant and how he got into it. He also speaks about how he got into Mind Mapping and what he thinks about it when he first saw it.

What you will get in this interview is very valuable as it shows you how Mind Mapping can help you understand even the most complex ideas and how it creates simplicity out of complexity.

As you listen to the entire interview, you will be fascinated at how Mind Mapping can have great benefits and how it impacts the people within the political system. You will discover how Gareth Elliott described a document that was over one hundred and eight pages worth of complex political dialogue and turned it into a simple Mind Map that people can understand more easily.

You will realize that it’s not only the Mind Map itself that will have a great benefit for you, but more importantly, it is the process itself in creating it that will help you understand, assimilate and remember information more effectively.

As the interview ends, Gareth Elliott shares with us how he uses Mind Mapping aside from educating people on policies and encourages people in the political or business field to try Mind Mapping out and discover how powerful it is.

……Here is what else you will discover.

  • How to Easily Condense A Cupboard Full of Files Containing Detailed Information Into A Single Page of Paper
  • Why You Might See Mind Maps Adorning The Corridors Of Power At The Heart of The British Political System!
  • How Mind Mapping Allows You To Keep The Bigger Picture In Mind So You Can See Interconnections That Others Are Likely To Miss.
  • Mind Mapping as a Marketing Tool for Innovative and Creative Businesses.
  • How to Easily Explain A Complex Topic in 5 Minutes or Less

Episode Show Notes

03:06 – Gareth talks about his profession in a political consultancy field and how they influence the political system

07:27 – How he got into Politics

08:05 – How he discovered Mind Mapping and how uses it with Politics

08:34 – His thoughts when he first saw a Mind Map

09:46 – Gareth expanded on the benefits he got from using it

11:20 – How he easily convinced his colleagues to use Mind Mapping

12:52 – He goes into detail about the benefits he gets from the journey in making a Mind Map

13:38 – How people within the political system reacted when they saw a Mind Map

14:28 – How he uses Mind Mapping to put complex information in a single sheet of paper

15:00 – The feedback he got from his clients about it

15:32 – How he uses it with a political system that’s always changing

16:54 – Why the hand drawn variant of Mind Mapping works for him and for his profession

18:43 – Other uses he has for Mind Mapping aside from educating people on policies

21:00 – Gareth encourages people in the political or business field to try out Mind Mapping

Gareth Elliott and his team at Insight Public Affairs demonstrates how they use Mind Mapping to influence government policy and how others in a similar field can use it too. They use the older approach which is the hand-drawn variant and you can check the mind maps they made about Infrastructure Policy, Coalition Government  and Education Policy on their website.

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