Mind Mapping For Real Estate AgentsOne of the things that continues to amaze me is just how many different people use Mind Mapping for so many different uses. In this episode of the Mind Mapping Show I interview Danny Griffin a successful Real Estate Coach and Mindset Expert who describes himself as an entrepreneurial spirit and has a passion about helping people overcome their psychological obstacles to be the best that they can be.

There are many millions of people out there who use Mind Mapping and you will find that they broadly fall into two different categories about how they took to it. On one hand you have those for whom discovering and then implementing it in their life is a slow burn process – a gradual evolution that may take months or even years. On the other hand you get people who just get it straightaway and immediately start using it. Danny is one of the latter and how he discovered the Mind Map is an interesting story in itself.

This interview is littered with great insights and is highly recommended if you want to hear how Mind Mapping can be used in an entrepreneurial business environment, particularly one dependent of effective planning and process implementation. Here is what else you will discover.

  •  A little known free Mind Map Software that rivals the expensive market leaders
  • How “stupidly easy” Mind Mapping is to use and get remarkable results from immediately
  • How Mind Mapping is used to offer incredible time saving advantages
  • How to take a large amount of complex data and crystallise it into meaningful manageable chunks of information
  • Complex business planning made simple with just a few clicks of your mouse
  • How to get your mind sizzling, sparkling and dancing with hundreds of profitable ideas

Episode Show Notes

3:51 – Danny shares how he got his insights into business success whilst working in the corporate world – You need a blueprint

5:15 – Danny shares his real estate coaching career development path

7:34 – How and where he discovered Mind Mapping (it was from a book but not one solely about the technique)

8:29 – How Mind Mapping creates simplification of the planning process

8:52 – The free software that Danny uses to eliminate any excuse about using it

10:42 – why using the technique can get you to your goals quicker

11:11 – How incredibly simple (“An Epiphany”) it was to start using Mind Mapping

12:18 – Why Danny doesn’t hand draw his Mind Maps

12:56 – The best definition of using Mind Maps I have EVER heard

14.13 – A specific example of how Danny uses Mind Mapping for planning

14:59 – His excellent response to me playing devils advocate about using something other than Mind Mapping

16:01 – Why Danny is convinced it saves him time

16:53 – More on how to use it for business planning and why not planning is the root cause of all business failure

19:29 – How Danny’s clients respond to a Mind Map – and why it is like Cod Liver Oil!!!

24:35 – What BMDPPS (in Real Estate Terms) is and how using a Mind Map enhances it

25:14 – How using this technique benefits Danny and his clients

26:52 – Just one example of how using Mind Mapping generated $20,000 for his business

29:29 – The moment he realises he should be sharing this with his kids…. and then how he is going to do that

30:03 – Some great advice on what to do when introducing it to your kids

As you will hear in this interview, Danny uses Xmind – a brilliant free Mind Mapping Software that I highly recommend as a starting point for you if you are exploring this technique for the very first time. I included lessons on how to use this software in my productivity training programme as a free alternative to Mind Manager and I was stunned by just how good it was for a free application.

We found Danny and discovered his use of Mind Mapping on his website when he did a video on Mind Mapping a Real Estate Plan which is highly recommended to give you an example of just one of the many different ways you could use this tool.

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