How Does Dan Kusnetzky Use Mind Mapping To Become Successful In His CareerThis podcast episode is all about how Dan Kusnetzky, a system software analyst and an established expert in virtualization and cloud computing, uses Mind Mapping in his profession. You will also find out more about virtualization and cloud computing (if you don’t know about them yet) in this episode.

Not only does he share with us how he uses Mind Mapping, but also how it moved his career forward. You will discover much about virtualization technology as well as how it impacts the computing generation today.

Aside from that, you will find out that behind the intricacies of virtualization is a technique Dan has been using to help him layout, organize, and present his thinking that has made him successful at various companies.

He also shares with us the beginnings of how he discovered Mind Mapping up until the present and the benefits and the added value he got in using them.

Other things covered in the interview were…

  • How You Can Become An Effective And Efficient Manager By Using One Powerful Tool
  • How You Can Dynamically Provide Presentations That Your Colleagues Will Find Extremely Useful
  • How Mind Mapping Helps Managers Organize Their Thinking In A Very Demanding Environment
  • How Mind Mapping Can Help You Meet The Demands Of Your Work And Give Way To New Opportunities
  • The Easy Way To Engage Your Mind To Come Up With Overwhelming Possibilities For Your Work And Life
  • How To Become Productive And Achieve Success With A Much More Powerful Organizational Tool

Episode Show Notes

01:32 – Dan defines what virtualization is, its components and what he does in his line of work

05:25 – He shares with us the uses of virtualization and its technology

08:48 – He talks how processing virtualization can be used in a bad way

09:41 – The challenge of virtualization

10:41 – He expands on the kind of work that he does

14:00 – He shows what practitioners in his field can do with the knowledge that they have to help other people

15:13 – He speaks about the history of his computing career and his discovery of the Mind Mapping technique

17:50 – Dan tells us how he learned using Mind Maps as an analytical, technical person and how it made him successful in his career

19:57 – How he thought that mind maps look “odd” at first

20:35 – His realization of how powerful Mind Mapping is

21:33 – He gives us an example of how he used the tool when smartphones don’t even exist

22:38 – The impact his company had in using Mind Mapping

24:00 – How he used Mind Maps and Post It notes together

25:09 – How Mind Mapping engages the analytical and creative parts of the mind together

26:40 – How he put many notes into one single page using the technique and how it became as helpful reminders to him

27:57 – His many uses Mind Mapping

28:37 – He goes into detail about how every single report he has started as a Mind Map

30:04 – Multiple benefits and the added value of using the technique according to Dan

32:05 – Why Mind Mapping works

33:37 – How he uses them even on a church function

34:58 – He talks about the Mind Mapping software MindManager by Mindjet

35:40 – He also uses a free Mind Mapping software called FreeMind

36:57 – Why he does the hand-drawn variant as well

38:59 – What a kitchen shelf’s memory is

39:14 – He talks all about iThoughtsHD, a powerful Mind Mapping app for iPad

40:50 – He shows with us how easily it is to learn and become good at Mind Mapping

As you have discovered in this interview, Dan Kusnetzky has been exploring various Mind Mapping software which you, too, can use. The software that he mentioned in the interview are MindManager by Mindjet, FreeMind which is a freeware alternative and iThoughtsHD for iPad which is highly recommended for iPad users.

Dan Kusnetzky is a primary contributor on ZDNet which is where we found his article about Mapping out presentations, documents, and research which is a must-read for people who wanted to know more about Mind Mapping and how it can be used for planning, research and content creation. As for his book, “Virtualization: A Manager’s Guide”, it can be purchased at Amazon and O’reilly.

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