How To Become More Productive Using Mind MappingI don’t know about you, but I often find myself with more to do at the end of my day than I am usually comfortable with and so being able to get more focused and more productive is something I regularly strive for. Now in this interview, I am speaking with Productivity and Focus Coach Phil Olley who explains how easy it is to use Mind Mapping to get more things done faster as well as sharing his favourite practical business Mind Mapping applications.

Phil specialises in helping people get more focused and become more productive and during this interview he shares the many different ways he uses this powerful tool in his business.

Specifically, here is what else you will discover…..

  • The Simplest and Quickest Way To Get Started Using Mind Mapping Right Now
  • Why You DON’T Have to Be Artistic To Use Mind Mapping – In Fact It Helps If You Are Not!
  • How Using Mind Mapping Helps You Write Your Book (Or Indeed Any Report) Much Quicker and Far Easier
  • The Two-Stage Mind Mapping That Helps You Stimulate Even More Creative and Profitable Ideas
  • How To Tap More Into Your Entrepreneurial Brain Using Mind Mapping To Develop a Better Business

Episode Show Notes

08:56 – How Phil uses a Mind Map to create an action plan to set up the following day for success

09:38 – How Phil discovered Mind Mapping

11:01 – Phil explains his journey from first seeing a Mind Map to embracing it as part of his toolkit

12:03 – A rapid list of just some of the beneficial ways to use Mind Mapping in a professional context

12:50 – An explanation about why he draws his by hand instead of using software

13:25 – A confession about NOT being artistic (and why it is not necessary to use the technique)

15:25 – I try to convince him why you should do Mind Mapping by hand AND use software

16:26 – How (and why) Phil used Mind Mapping to write his books

17:09 – The two stage book writing process

18:09 – What his clients think about the Mind Maps he uses with them (and how he sneakily introduces them into the conversation)

19:16 – The benefits of Mind Mapping to his clients

19:49 – How Mind Mapping makes you far more productive

20:14 – Advice to first time Mind Mappers (and I didn’t pay him to recommend my stuff 🙂

21:01 – A quick tip on how to get started

You can find out more about Phil Olley on his website and I do encourage you to go there if you want to find ways of becoming more productive.

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