How to Overcome Writers Block Using Mind MappingMind Mapping is great for overcoming Writer’s Block and in this interview with Daphne Gray-Grant we find out how.  She is a former journalist and editor who now helps people write better, quicker and with less stress to produce publications that get results and does that using Mind Mapping in her work.

If you are an aspiring writer and you sometimes struggle with getting your ideas down because you have hit the “wall” of writers block then this interview is definitely one you will want to listen to (and be prepared to take plenty of notes).  In this interview you will discover:

•How Mind Mapping can help overcome writer’s block
•The Simple two stage process to stimulate great writing
•How to tap into your latent but brilliant writing creativity
•Why Outlining should be Outlawed – and what to use instead (hint: it might just be Mind Mapping!)
•Why Mind Mapping is “Magic” for aspiring writers
•Why you don’t need to be able to draw to use Mind Mapping

Episode Show Notes

There are some really good nuggets in this great conversation with this experienced writer and publication coach.  Some key points you might want to watch out for in this interview are here:

5:22 – The Magic Bullet For Writing
7:08 – Why you shouldn’t discount Mind Mapping just because it appears so simple
13:20 – Why Daphne thinks the Mind Map works so well for writers
15:48 – Her famous “Pancake Story” about how it helped a client of hers write a successful book
18:02 – Why outlining doesn’t work
22:13 – A true life story how a 2 hour mental block was shattered in 2 minutes
28:33 – Daphne’s thoughts on whether you need to be able to draw to use Mind Mapping (hint: by her own admission, she can’t draw to save her life)

34:47 – How Daphne uses Mind Mapping to help draft and deliver her speeches

Daphne has very kindly shared one of her Mind Maps with us and you can see this in more detail in a post I have entitled “You Don’t Have to Be Able to Draw To Use Mind Mapping“.

You can also download a full transcript of the interview here.

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