How This Man Returned to Mind Mapping After 3 Years AwayMind Mapping can greatly help you to get by whether you’re a student or a professional and in this interview, you will discover how Matthew Lang, a web developer, used it to help him through his studies.  After three years of not using it he “re-discovered” it and now it is a fundamental part of his toolkit for his work.

Matthew shares how a Mind Map can be used for both logically dominated thought processes and topics (such as learning Computer Science!) and for more creative work that might be classified as “right brain” effort.  This interview demonstrates that regardless of whether you’re a logical or a creative person, Mind Mapping not only stimulates both sides of the brain, but also allows you to harness them more efficiently and more effectively.

As well as sharing how he uses it in his work, Matthew also speaks about how he uses Mind Mapping  to blog posts and novels.

……Here is what else you will discover.

  • How Mind Mapping Can Help Students Be Successful in Exams
  • The Many Uses Of Mind Mapping Outside of The Usual Eucational Applications
  • Why Mind Mapping Works Effectively For Freelancers
  • How You Can Easily Recall Information Using Mind Mapping
  • How Students Can Use Mind Mapping To Keep Them Interested In Studying

Episode Show Notes

01:29 – What Matthew does and why he’s using Mind Mapping

02:50 – More on the programming tools Ruby on Rails and Sinatra

03:39 – Applications of those two programming tools

06:31 – All about Star Wars (If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’re in for a treat)

08:59 – He shares with us his challenges with his studies and how he came upon Mind Mapping

10:43 – His solution to remembering key details easily when he was still in school

13:15 – Why Mind Mapping is really good for left-brain logical subjects

15:56 – Why it made studying more interesting

17:07 – How he got introduced to a Mind Mapping software and how he uses it

19:53 – Why he stopped using Mind Mapping for a while and what made him return to it

22:14 – How he got involved in NaNoWriMo

23:58 – Its benefits when it comes to writing

25:01 – Matthew’s business applications of Mind Mapping

26:30 – Why he doesn’t like the software variant of this powerful tool

30:18 – The benefits he got when he started using Mind Mapping again

As you noticed in the interview, Matthew has been involved with NaNoWriMo to pursue his novel writing passion. It stands for National Novel Writing Month and you should check this out if you also want to progress your writing career.

Matthew Lang can be contacted through his website  and more specifically you can read this article It’s Time to Get Back Into Mind Mapping Again.

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